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Welcome to my Humble site. This Site is an Informational site based upon the factors of the actual game designers whom have processed the data into the databases in which we the people are provided everyday. The information is in fact correct and will always be up-to-date. I myself the Admin of this site, will indeed inform all of those who are beside me, the rules and regulations in which will be guidelines to conduct a professional Guidance site for all those whom have little to no knowledge of the game World of Warcraft. This site is not only the site for the guild listed but is also a 'Guidance Site' as well.The members, and admins of this site are indeed in charge of all changes, Promotions, and Updates that are to be one day added to this site. If their are any Questions, Concerns, or Issues concerning this site then please contact me immediately, Thank You!

~Admin Fallronce 
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